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Established in 1994, Plas-Tech specialise in the thermoforming process, often referred to as vacuum forming. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology and believe our technical and manufacturing capabilities are unrivalled.

Plas-Tech operate from two factories in East Yorkshire, with nearly 100 employees working in partnership with leading organisations across many market sectors. Our engineered thermoformed plastic components are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring we continually satisfy our customers’ requirements.


Whatever we are supplying we expect the highest level of quality for our materials, our construction and especially our customer service.

Because we listen thoroughly to our clients, we understand the demands of they need. This allows us to ensure we supply the best product possible.

We are so confident in our design and manufacturing quality, that each of our products comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects.


We work hard to optimise our products to suit manufacturing processes and always consider weight-saving options, aesthetics and ease of use.

We offer an extremely fast and efficient design service, which ranges from presentation of hand drawn sketches right through to scalable models.

Our designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and understand the importance of innovation, aesthetics, functionality and cost.

Each of our designers have their own area of expertise, helping us to create a unique team of talented individuals. In fact, we consider our design and development resource to be the best in the UK plastics industry.

Plastic Prototyping

We understand the importance of the prototyping phase to our clients and produce production quality prototypes to ensure they are representative of the final product.

This is an essential part of our service for many of our clients and helps set us apart from our competitors.

We deliver a fast turnaround and use a number of techniques to achieve this. We can offer rapid prototyping, scaled models and proof designs to meet our clients’ requirements.

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